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I am a mom of 3 boys and a wife so water for weight loss success stories sports, school, housework and cooking dinner, I had to really focus on making myself a priority. I just felt that his program sounded like it might work for me. Michele Wood Fitness Model Interview and Photos. Success Stories Suzanne S. Senior Fitness Success Story — Terry Lost 66 Pounds at 66 Years Old.

Nearly a decade after its humble origins in a California garage gym, CrossFit has become a full-fledged fitness revolution. It's also earned a reputation for getting people in the best shape of their lives. We've found seven guys who went from "chubby" and "pudgy"—their words, not ours—to being "stronger than I ever was" and in "best shape of my life.

All through high school and college I thought I was pretty fit. I was 5'6" and about pounds. I traveled racing BMX, which kept me pretty lean. Then I had my daughter and took about four years off from fitness. It's hot lkss and I can cool down with a pool workout. How bad could it be? The pool was at 93 degrees and awter psychos were treading water, doing burpees and kettle bell swings.

It was the worst day of my life. When we finished up the WOD, they proceeded to grill up burgers and popped open some adult refreshments! The WOD kicked weitht ass, and I was addicted. I have more energy than my two-year-old son and feel like Water for weight loss success stories I was introduced to her as part of a WOD to benefit a watre friend of mine who had breast cancer. My mother and grandmother had also battled with breast cancer, my water for weight loss success stories having eventually passed away from the cancer.

So, in my mind, Grace has always been tied to the fight against breast cancer. It inspires me to push myself harder. My cousin, though, was a big CrossFit fan and encouraged me to check it out. I immediately began losing the weight. Initially, I shed a good 20 pounds of fat and then as I progressed, I put on 10 pounds of muscle.

My entire body—and especially my core—is so much stronger than it was before. For the first 22 years of my life I never lifted a single weight. I played nicotine gum fat loss, and my workouts were almost entirely cardio-focused. Occasionally, I would throw a set of pushups or sit-ups in there, but I never thought weight training would be of any benefit wster my game.

I thought that packing on muscle would slow me down, so I refused to lift. After my final storiess of eligibility playing collegiate soccer, my fitness dropped off huge. Coupled with fro fact that I was still in college, eating fast food every day and drinking a lot, I gained probably 20 pounds in a single semester. I knew at that point that I needed to start working out pronto. About a year into lifting, we met a trainer at our gym who did CrossFit and all of that changed. When I started CrossFit I was like, "How do those guys do that?

Keep working, and you'll keep improving. I used to work out occasionally at a big box gym, but it was cigarettes, prescription pills, and drugs that really kept my weight down. Actually, they kept me sunken in. And when I finally started to get clean, the weight just packed right on. Depending on my extracurricular activities, or lack thereof, my weight water for weight loss success stories shoot up a good 10 pounds in a month. Meanwhile, my depression and anxiety were out of control.

I feel better than I have in years. Favorite Fast-Blaster: Double unders, when the rope goes around twice for every jump. A few weeks after moving across the country for work, I came down sick. First, I figured it was food poisoning, then maybe a stomach bug. After about 2 weeks I started seeing doctors and they still couldn't figure it out. I was seeing specialist after specialist.

Maybe it was liver failure. Maybe my gallbladder had burst. Meanwhile, I had lost nearly 40 pounds. I was eventually scheduled for an endoscopy and we had the answer: I had Celiac disease. First things first, I had to get my eating habits on track. But once I did, I was ready to get into the gym. I had gotten hooked on CrossFit not long before relocating, and was eager to get back to it.

I started hitting the gym two days a week for about six to eight months, and then ramped it up to five water for weight loss success stories six days a week. I have water for weight loss success stories all of my goals. Try This WOD: Amanda. Do nine, then seven, then five muscle-up reps, then follow them up with nine, seven, and five squat snatch reps, using pounds.

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Health 7 crossfit weight loss and body transformation success stories Get inspired and put these guys’ favorite CrossFit tips and WODs into practice to make your. Read about the various New Lifestyle Diet weight loss plan and diet program success stories. See SHAPE readers' weight loss transformations and get their tips for losing the weight and keeping it off.

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