Dangerous method of weight loss schemes

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Scroll to bottom for Twitter and Short Announcements. Two types dangerous method of weight loss schemes quack detoxification devices are widely promoted: ionic cleansing losz and detox foot pads. In a November show, he stated: "Thanks to brand new dagnerous research, I can tell you about a revolutionary fat buster. Mercola's Nutrition Plan will give you tips on healthy eating and exercise, as well as other lifestyle strategies to help you achieve optimal health. Berg and Hudnall agree that supporting somewhat larger sizes than the societal ideal makes sound scientific sense. NEWS RELEASE JAN 2, Contact: Lisa Christie.

Many quacks and product marketers tell people they have accumulated toxins and need "detoxification. Naturopaths, for example, are prone to claim that: Toxins damage the body in an insidious and cumulative way. Once the detoxification system becomes overloaded, toxic metabolites accumulate, and sensitivity to other chemicals, some of which are not normally toxic, becomes progressively greater.

This accumulation of toxins can wreak havoc on normal metabolic processes [1]. Some detoxification proponents claim that intestinal sluggishness causes intestinal contents to putrefy, toxins are absorbed, and chronic poisoning of the body results. This "autointoxication" theory was popular around the turn of the century but was abandoned by the scientific community during the s. No such "toxins" have ever been found, and careful observations have shown that individuals in good health can vary greatly in bowel habits.

The falsity of this notion is obvious to doctors who perform intestinal surgery or look inside the large intestine with diagnostic instruments. Fecal material does not stick to the intestinal lining. Note : Standard medical practice uses the word "detoxification" to describe programs to minimize withdrawal symptoms for people who stop habitual abuse of alcohol or controlled drugs.

Such detoxification is not relevant to this article. Colon cleansers are marketed as powders to which water is added before use. The ingredients vary from one product to another, but the basic ingredients include fiber e. Other free weight loss charts and graphs include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and probiotics, all of which are variously claimed to promote detoxification, boost the immune system, promote weight loss and restore helpful bacteria.

Magnesium oxide is claimed to release nascent oxygen. The laxative ingredients may be included in the powder or as a separate herbal tea. Users are generally instructed to drink glasses of water daily. The recommended duration of use varies from a few days to several months. In the absence of constipation, concern about regularity should be met with reassurance.

If hard stools are a problem and no underlying pathology is suspected, increasing dietary fiber or using a stool softener should help. Some marketers claim that accumulated toxins somehow interfere with digestion or nutrient absorption and cause people to become overweight—and that cleansing of the alleged toxins will cause people to lose weight. Various herbal and dietary supplement concoctions are claimed to detoxify through metabolic action that is vaguely described or simply assumed to take place.

One product, for example, is claimed to "promote balanced activity of the Phase I and Phase II detoxification pathways. Testing any such products would be simple: Merely take a few blood samples from volunteers and measure whether any identifiable toxin is eliminated from the body faster than normal. No such studies exist because such products have no real detoxification effects. Colonic irrigation also called colon hydrotherapy is intended to flush the dangerous method of weight loss schemes length of the colon.

It is done both at home and in commercial offices. Various web sites indicate that the amounts used range from a few gallons up to as much as 30 gallons, a few pints at a time. The fluid is delivered through a tube or speculum inserted into the rectum. Most devices depend on gravity to deliver the water and peristalsis to expel the fluid and debris. Home kits colonic boards enable the dangerous method of weight loss schemes to flush gradually from a 5-gallon tank. Closed-system colonic machines have one tube for delivering the dangerous method of weight loss schemes and another for its removal.

Open-system devices use a smaller tube connected to a water tank and a built-in basin to receive the waste. Sessions generally last between 25 and 50 minutes and may include abdominal massage. Some systems have disposable specula and tubing. Reusable components are sterilized after each patient. Two types of quack detoxification devices are widely promoted: ionic cleansing devices and detox foot pads.

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This time of year many people are looking to drop excess weight. In their desire to see rapid results, many start a supplement program such as AdvoCare®. Why Aren’t People Using the Most Effective Method of Birth Control?. Spotlights the broad range of fraud and quackery in the weight loss field.

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