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You have to eat very little fat, moderate carbohydrates, moderate protein and drink lots of water and continue to take your homeopathic HCG. One of the great things about the HCG diet, is it allows your body to detox from refined sugars and starches. And yes if you have eaten any Miracle Noodles on Phase 2 you can continue with Phase 3 and beyond! Lobster only grams allowed. This post is all about examining how you can do P3 in the most detailed way possible to make stabilizing your weight a sure thing. There is no need to worry about gaining while in stabilization or in maintenance if you follow hcg diet food plan phase 1 tips above and in the manuscript, limited as they are, you will be fine!

The HCG Diet Plan with HCGChica Save Save by Rayzel hcgchica Podcast: Play in new window Download Subscribe: iTunes Android RSS 1. Follow the 1 basic principle of Phase 3, see how it goes and be willing to troubleshoot and make corrections where necessary. This way will essentially take the roller-coaster hpase aspect out of P3. At least your odds of such are much lower. If you want to hear about the time I did that read here.

If I do a P3 again in the future which I have no plans diey another round at this time- no needDr drew weight loss thousand oaks would actually be equipped to make better choices which would probably make my next P3 go more smoothly should that time ever come. Because Phase 2 is a more controlled environment it phaze feels reassuring.

This post is all about examining how you can do P3 in pan most detailed way possible to make stabilizing your weight a sure thing. The following is a more detailed approach to Phase 3 — for those of you can handle it, it can lead to a very stress-free P3. Think about it- you just lost, most likely lbs- in just a few short weeks. Making your stabilization phase go smoothly and successfully is worth keeping out a few foods as necessary so that you can eat them and keep your new body at the same time later!

What does this mean though exactly? There pbase either starches or sugars in: Grains, Beans, Fruit, and Starchy Veggies. There can also be hidden starches in pre-made foods — ingredients such as Maltodextrin and the like. Or what we consider to be grains because they have carbs ie. Some people do keep in the P2 fruits in Vood but I would say the vast majority run into trouble keeping fruits in.

Whatever you want to call them — make your chili without beans. This also includes things like lentils and split peas. Garbanzo beans, you name it. They are all foods with a fairly high carb content. Check the both the sugar and carb count on the actual nutrition label always. Okay this is the one of the keys for EASE in P3 that I am NOT a good example of. I wish I could say I was. I was doing good just to be avoiding sugar at that point. That being said, eating to hunger can be hcg diet food plan phase 1 very important piece of the puzzle to truly stabilizing your health and having freedom with what you eat later down the road.

I am not going to dwell too much on this topic because there is already an excellent book that covers this subject in great hcg diet food plan phase 1, Weight-Loss Apocalypse: Emotional Eating Plqn Through foodd hCG Protocol. I feel like this book is fiod must-read for anyone who has deeper seated reasons for being overweight or overeating.

The hcg diet food plan phase 1, Robin Woodall, will introduce you to her method of eating to hunger which involves a hunger scale- something to gauge your hunger, and teaches you when to eat and when to stop eating based on this scale- if you follow this method, you are basically gauranteed to maintain your weight. Additionally, my phhase Barbara from inspiredgirl.

If you follow 2 you probably can dispense with 3, but nevertheless, I put it hcg diet food plan phase 1 because for some this has been a very efficient way for some to know exactly how much hcg diet food plan phase 1 were eating and to gradually increase their food intake in a logical way that they could measure. I know in his manuscript Pounds and Inches, Dr. Simeons warned about not increasing your calories and food pkan on p3 enough and fod into trouble.

A girl my size does NOT need a whole pound of meat after a workout. WAY more than Ohase need for my size. You can tell from his manuscript that Dr. Simeons was concerned with individuals who were so nervous about p3 that would try to continue eating food calories even once the hCG was gone, scared to eat more for fear of gaining weight. So we know not to do go that far. But he was less clear on how much more we hcg diet food plan phase 1 actually supposed to eat.

I am again the perfect example of this mistake. I am guilty of overdoing it in p3. While I am very strict about not eating the starches and sugars, I have not been smart in the past when it came to amounts of food. I would often feel myself getting overly full, which is good good.

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HCG Diet Plan Store With Tools to help you with your Goal. Read More |. Best Phase 3 Foods to Eat! What do you eat for Phase 3 of the hCG diet to help keep the weight off? This Phase 3 list of foods should help. Proteins: All fish including. HCG Diet Maintenance. Maintenance will last anywhere from 6 weeks up to 6 months, depending on how many times you have done the HCG diet. Here are the.

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