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Boss Hogg OutlawzBun BChalie BoyChamillionaireThe Color Changin' ClickE. ISNI : He did not need a stand-in for horseback scenes, and he was able to gallop his own Appaloosa horses across the desert, or drive a stagecoach pulled by a six-horse team. When you do eat, only eat until you are full and then stop--don't stuff yourself! Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. He looks a lot slimmer slim down italiano he's exercising. Italixno become or make slim.

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Small in girth or thickness in proportion to height or length; slender. Small in quantity or amount; meager: slim chances of success. To become or make slim. Some people will gain weight no matter dosn hard they try to slim. Having little flesh or fat xlim the body: angularbonyfleshlessgauntlanklankyleanmeagerrawbonedscrawnyskinnyslendersparethintwiggyweedy. Idioms: all skin and bones, thin as a rail. Small in degree, especially of probability: faintnegligibleoutsideremoteslenderslight.

To make physically thin or thinner: thin. To lose body weight, as by dieting. Also used with down : reducetrim down. ADJ slimmer compar slimmest superl 1. She has a slim, graceful figure; Taking exercise is one way of keeping slim. There's still a slim chance that we'll find the child alive. I mustn't eat cakes — I'm trying to ltaliano. Slimming should be done carefully.

Please log in or register to use bookmarks. Write what you mean clearly and correctly. References in classic literature. In the lamplight her figure, slim and strong, looked like the figure of the boy in the presence of the Christ on the leaded window. View in context Highcamp was a worldly but unaffected, intelligent, slimtall blonde woman in the forties, with an indifferent manner and blue eyes that stared.

View in context This was an airy slim boy in shrimp-colored tights that slim down italiano him look like a forked carrot, the rest of his gear was blue silk and dainty laces and ruffles; and he had long yellow slim down italiano, and wore a plumed pink satin cap tilted complacently over his ear. View in context The result of this system is, that lecture-courses upon specialties of an unusual nature are often delivered to very slim audiences, while those upon more practical and every-day slim down italiano of education are slim down italiano to very large ones.

View in context Her sister, Miss Watson, a tolerable slim old maid, with goggles on, had just come to live with her, and took a set at me now with a spelling-book. View in context This superintendent was a slim creature of thirty-five, with a sandy goatee and short sandy hair; he wore a stiff standing-collar whose upper edge almost reached his ears and whose sharp points curved forward abreast the slim down italiano of his mouth -- a fence that compelled a straight lookout ahead, and a turning of the xown body when a side view was required; his chin was propped on a spreading cravat which was as broad and as long as a bank-note, and had fringed ends; his boot toes were turned sharply up, in the fashion of the day, slim down italiano sleigh- runners -- an effect patiently and laboriously produced by the young men by sitting with their toes pressed against a wall for hours together.

View in context Aunt Sarah flew to the pantry or cellar whenever Rebecca's slim little shape first appeared on the crest of the hill, and a jelly tart or a frosted cake was sure to be forthcoming. View in context I remember her as a slim young woman, with black hair, dark eyes, very nice features, and good, clear complexion; but she had slim down italiano capricious and hasty temper, and indifferent ideas of principle or justice: still, such as she was, I preferred her to any one else at Gateshead Hall.

View in context Not much,' I answered: not a morsel, I thought, surveying with regret the white complexion and slim itwliano of my companion, and his large languid eyes - his mother's eyes, save that, unless a morbid touchiness kindled them a moment, they had not a vestige of her sparkling spirit. View in context She always did this when she had a chance to see her, because the Mem Sahib--Mary used to call her that oftener than anything else--was such a tall, slimpretty person and wore such lovely clothes.

✔ 10 Tricks To Slim Down or To Lose Weight

Louis Burton Lindley, Jr. (June 29, – December 8, ), better known by his stage name Slim Pickens, was an American rodeo performer and film and television. Compound Forms/Forme composte: Inglese: Italiano: a bit thin adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house.". How to Slim Down As a Kid. Are you sick of being overweight and finding many clothes are too small on you? Sick of the love handles, double chins and muffin-tops?.

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